The perks of becoming a SuperNova Elite revisited by Matthias De Muelder

When you play poker over the Internet, the goal is clear, as your top priority is to accumulate as many loyalty points. The idea is to become a VIP player, which goes by the name of SuperNova Elite if you happen to have an account with PokerStars. Contrary to popular belief, there are not many poker players who enjoy the status and there are many professionals who are yet to attain it.Matthias De Muelder

One of them is Matthias De Muelder, an excellent live player who tasted success in online tournaments as well, but who is still to become SuperNova Elite. When asked about what held him back, they accomplished poker player told reporters that until recently he lacked the motivation. In a nutshell, you need to play for many hours in a row and sometimes the sessions can be overwhelming, especially when you have many tables open simultaneously.

Apparently something has changed, because Matthias is now contemplating the possibility of making a push for this VIP status. He is still young and things seem to be going his way at the poker tables, so at least in theory if the puts his mind to it, he should achieve this objective in a few months. De Meulder has no intention in allowing poker to take over completely, but they understand that by making an effort now, he will reap the benefits a bit later.

The advantage of being at the top of the food chain, is that you accumulate points much easier, which allows you to consolidate that position. These points can be redeemed for cash or expensive things and they can also be used to buy in for major tournaments. At the end of the day, all these translate into money which means time, so De Meulder would be actually spending less time playing poker.

He is a pragmatic player, who understands that all that matters is the return on investment, without being blinded by the game itself. He likes traveling a lot and plans on spending even more time on the road, which would obviously hurt his profit margin unless he becomes a Supernova Elite. Unlike fellow players who are intimidated by the prospect of competing against the best opponents, Matthias is well-versed in the art of playing at nosebleed limits.

His example can be followed by only a fraction of those who currently play at the aforementioned poker company and many would be wise not to even attempt something similar. The reason is that you need to play for a lot of money and as you climb up the ladder, you will encounter increasingly better opponents. The odds of emerging victorious against these foes are clearly not in your favor and that is a very real risk of losing your entire bankroll while trying to attain VIP status.