Poker Chips – Know what you are playing for

You don’t need to be a high roller to enjoy Texas hold ’em but in order to experience the best that this game has to offer, you need to play on something. Whether the chips are used merely for keeping track of who’s winning, or have real value and will be converted into cash at the end of the day, they are an essential instrument. This means that when planning to organize a home game, in addition to acquiring a poker table and a set of cards, players should make sure that they are in possession of top quality chips.

Visually, the poker chips can be customized but while diversity is ensured, players should be able to easily distinguish between chips of different value. This brings us to another criteria used by those who are in the market for poker chips, as they need to decide between denominated and non-denominated chips. In most cases, color is sufficient for players to calculate the worth of their stack, so they don’t require chips that have different values imprinted on them. On the other hand, those who play for real money will enjoy the simplicity of denominated poker chips.

Aluminum is the material of choice for most poker chips, as this is light enough to allow easy handling, but also feel nice and make a pleasant sound when thrown in the middle. Plastic coated metal chips have become the standard but while they are available in many local stores, sooner or later the plastic gets chipped. Ceramic is also an option although the price per chip can be particularly steep and if you are to order several rolls, the total amount can be significant. Those who intend to extract the most from this pastime will not regret their decision of placing the emphasis on quality rather than costs.