More than 40 players expected to play in the Big One For One Drop

The World Series of Poker is in fact a collection of more than 60 side events and a couple of prominent tournaments that keep players on their toes. Meanwhile, poker professionals and amateurs compete in games that don’t set them back more than $10,000, but the main event is bound to start one week from now. This used to be the richest competition at the WSOP but despite the prohibitive buy-in, thousands of players found the resources to participate.

Big One For One Drop

It makes perfect sense for players who take the game seriously to save money throughout the year, just to make sure they have enough in their pocket to participate in this event. Things have changed over the last couple of years and the reason for why the main event is no longer the highlight of the World Series of poker is that the Big One For One Drop is also organized in Las Vegas. This competition is special for many reasons, one of them being that a significant amount of the money collected is donated to charity.

It is very important to know that behind this project is the billionaire who also owns Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberte who plays a lot of poker and doesn’t hesitate to sit down at nosebleed limits. The event that he established three years ago is quite popular and at the time of writing, more than 40 players have announced their participation and paid the buy-in. Speaking of which, this competition is reserved to the ones who can afford to pay $1 million out-of-pocket, with 10% of the money being donated.

The prospect of winning the first prize is alluring and two years ago at the opening edition, the winner got away with $18 million. Antonio Esfandiari was the last man standing and his record is yet to be surpassed, with players having the best chance to set a new milestones by winning the Big One For One Drop. There is plenty of time left for more players to tag along and there is a good chance for the maximum 52 players to gather on time.

Most of those who play in this competition are poker professionals who have ongoing contracts with poker rooms, therefore a stable source of income. It is only fair to assume that their sponsors won’t pay the buy-in for this particular competition, so players need to take a leap of faith. The success of the tournament depends largely on the names of those who play and win the field be packed with poker pros, there is no reason to doubt that the Big One For One Drop will return in 2015.