WCOOP Challenge Series resumes at PokerStars on March 28

Only three days are left before the WCOOP Challenge Series resumes at PokerStars, so those who want to participate in an event with a guaranteed prize pool of $9 million should waste no second. Past performance is always a reliable indicator when it comes to major tournaments and in this particular case, we have plenty of reasons to be optimistic. Thousands of players found it worthwhile to buy in for one of the numerous tournaments, including the top events which have a buy-in of $2100.

WCOOP Challenge Series

Those who are willing to pay the hefty amount to participate, will be competing for a total of $2 million, while the most affordable event will only set them back $109. The popular series restarts on March 28 and will run for two days, with its conclusion coming at the end of the weekend. The end of the month is going to be thrilling for PokerStars members, so those who don’t have an account already, can’t hope for a better time to open one.

Prizes represent the highlight of all tournaments, but in this case players will also receive memorabilia and branded merchandise. Satellites run live and the most prolific participants won’t have to pay $5200 to buy in for the 2014 WCOOP Main Event. The commemorative money clips represent the icing on the cake, as winners will always be able to brag about their success at the WCOOP.

The previous main event ran under the WCOOP Challenge Series brand in December 2013 and the player received $560,000. Most players only remember that the winner is someone from Singapore, while the deep run of poker professional Andre “acoimbra” Coimbra lingers in their memory for several reasons. On one hand, he was dominant at the tables and made short work of his opponents, on the other he chose not to keep a dime for himself but donate the prize to charity.

Regardless of what they plan on doing with the money they win this weekend, players should know the key dates, and for their convenience we have listed them below:

Friday, March 28
13:00 ET: WCOOP Challenge 01, $109 NL Hold’em, $600,000 gtd
17:00 ET: WCOOP Challenge 02, $215+R NL Hold’em (Turbo), $750,000 gtd

Saturday, March 29
11:00 ET : WCOOP Challenge 03, $700 NL Hold’em (Progressive Super-Knockout), $1,000,000 gtd
14:30 ET : WCOOP Challenge 04, $1,050 NL Hold’em (8-max), $1,000,000 gtd
17:00 ET: WCOOP Challenge 05, $215 NL Hold’em (6-max, turbo), $250,000 gtd

Sunday, March 30
11:00 ET: WCOOP Challenge 06, $215 NL Hold’em, $1,000,000 gtd
13:00 ET: WCOOP Challenge 07, $700 PL Omaha (6-Max, 1R1A), $400,000 gtd
14:30 ET: WCOOP Challenge 08, $215 NL Hold’em, $2,000,000 gtd
15:30 ET: WCOOP Challenge 09, $2,100 NL Hold’em Main Event, $2,000,000 gtd