Claims Administration brought up to date for Full Tilt Poker players

Full Tilt Poker Claims AdministrationFull Tilt Poker Claims Administration is the hottest website as far as former and current Full Tilt Poker players are concerned, because this is the place where the latest information is published. The Department of Justice has already announced that $82 million are ready to be split among those who are eligible for reimbursement and a deadline has been set for March 31. Recent news are even more encouraging and the first players received their money as early as February 13.

Although this represents only the tip of the iceberg and there are a couple of formalities to fulfill, these transactions represent a giant leap forward. Players are advised to check their bank account for zero dollar transactions which might or might not appear on the bank statements. There is no reason to worry if you don’t see such a transaction, because not all banks include them and no delays will be resulting from their absence.

The wheels are finally moving and 30,000 players who have already confirmed their Full Tilt Poker account balance will receive what is rightfully theirs. Some of them will have their accounts credited by the end of the month, but if everything works according to the plan nobody should be waiting beyond March 31. Garden City Group made it crystal clear that affiliates and poker professionals are not included in this category and that they are supposed to file different papers.

This doesn’t mean that they will encounter insurmountable obstacles, but it is only fair to assume that it will take slightly longer for them to receive their money back. There is also no guarantee that all those affiliates and professionals will receive the entire amount, especially if they were sponsored by the poker company. Regardless of their status and chances, they are supposed to submit a petition for remission no later than March 2 to make sure they don’t miss out on this rare opportunity.

More information will be published at the Full Tilt Poker Claims Administration website and for the first time in several years, players can expect good news. Add to this the fact that several American states are on board with legalizing online gambling in general and poker in particular and fans of the genre have reasons to be optimistic about what 2014 will bring.

Dominik Panka prevails in EPT Deauville High Roller event

Right now, everyone is talking about the Aussie millions, the most important tournament in February, but Dominik Panka’s performance at the EPT Deauville High Roller event is nonetheless outstanding. He was one of the few players who found it worthwhile to spend a lot of money to buy in a tournament that brings together some of the best players in the world. He did a fine job at staying within striking distance of the chip leader throughout the first day, but he started the final table with half as many chips.

Albert Daher was in a prime position to win the tournament when he began the second day with a significant lead over the pack, but his luck didn’t last. Dominik Panka put up quite a fight and given his performance at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure where he won the main event, nobody could afford to underestimate him. Just a few weeks before, he won $1.4 million, while this victory made him $272k richer. can provide plenty of useful details regarding his meteoric rise at EPT Deauville High Roller event.

The Polish poker player played very aggressively in the first hours and as a result, he caused the elimination of Adrian Mateos Diaz. This was hardly a surprise, given the fact that the latter was the short stack at the final table, but sending Davidi Kitai was quite an achievement, as the Belgian was on an uptrend. Unfortunately for him, he chose the worst possible moment for bluffing Panka and when his opponent snap called him with a monster hand, he had to accept defeat.

Albert Daher didn’t waste time and shifted into aggressive gear himself, causing two victims, including Nikolay Losev. As the game approached its inevitable conclusion, the two players were at the top of the list with sizable stacks and during four handed play, they consolidated this advantage. Martin Schleich and Ondrej Vinklarek stood no chance and bowed out of the competition in fifth and fourth place, before Lundmark giving way for an evenly matched heads-up.

The two players had similar stacks when this decisive phase of the game began, and things could’ve gone either way as neither hesitated to commit his entire stack. Dominik Panka lost the first few pots but fired back by winning two big hands in a quick succession and from that point onward he was always on top of his opponent. He emerged victorious in a major competition for the second time in 2014, making this the best year in his career and there are plenty of months left.