Take Daniel Negreanu’s word about playing mediocre hands

pokerthreadThere are plenty of things that poker professionals can teach their less experienced peers, but they rarely find the time to explain relatively simple concepts in detail. Daniel Negreanu is one of those who is willing to go the extra mile and need beginners half way, by highlighting the importance of playing poker in a certain manner. His teachings can be applied both online and at live venues, with his recent tutorial being released on Facebook.

Both the video and the corresponding article about how poker players should tackle sensitive hands such as A-10 can be found at http://www.poker.co.uk/daniel-negreanu-talks-perils-playing-10/. The beauty of this short video is that it explains step-by-step the perils of misplaying such a hand, while seeing what other poker players went through by failing to abide these rules. Daniel doesn’t hesitate to call these cards a horror hand, because mistakes are easy to commit and the consequences devastating.

In the first case, players get to see how someone who plays the hand poorly missed out on a good opportunity to steal the pot, while the second example is even more graphic. A player who overestimated the strength of A-10 learned the lesson the hard way, because his faulty actions caused him to lose his entire stack. What the poker professionals suggests is that those who are dealt such cards should use them almost exclusively to steal pots instead of trying to force an all in.

The idea is that an opponent who is willing to call an all-in is very likely to have a hand that is significantly better, which will put you in a difficult situation. There is nothing wrong in taking down small pots without a fight and if you play A-10 probably you will scare away limpers, while limiting the number of players who see the pot. All you need to do is to fire an additional bullet to get an accurate read on your opponents and this would also give you the sought after fold equity.

The fact that Daniel Negreanu went to great lengths to explain the intentions behind the actions of those players depicted in the video, is very helpful for beginners. What truly matters is to understand what triggers an aggressive play, or why players decide to slow play certain cards. The bottom line is that A-10 is a hand that should be played mostly pre-flop and if you get involved in a call with these cards, you need to also figure a way out.

Record prize pool for PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event

Record prize pool for PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main EventThere is no better incentive for poker players to join a tournament than the news that the prize pool has been boosted, which explains their enthusiasm for the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event. Last year, the organizers came painfully close of attracting 1000 players and as a result the prize pool was less than $10 million. Even though this is most likely an accident, given the fact that this threshold has been surpassed in the previous years, PokerStars decided not to take any chances.

As a result, they have announced that the prize pool will be a guaranteed $10 million, while the tournament will contain a total of 39 events. The crown jewel of this series is definitely the $100,000 Super High Roller which will make several millionaires, while the minor tournaments are expected to attract the vast majority of those who travel to the Caribbeans this time of the year.

Those who have highrollers ambitions but can’t afford to pay six digit numbers out of pocket, will appreciate the chance of competing in the $25,500 High Roller. It is obvious that there won’t be a shortage of poker professionals at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in 2014, waiting to capitalize on less than stellar competition. The Caribbeans are also a popular tourist destination, which means that among those who sit down at the tables will be plenty of people who have more money than poker skills.

The PCA 2014 is the biggest poker event to be held in the first days of 2014 and Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas should be swarming with enthusiastic players. It is only fair to expect more than 1000 players to buy in for the main event, now that the poker company has announced its intentions of bumping the prize pool. Those who have no intention of competing in highrollers events, should rest assured that there are plenty of regular tournaments and just as many cash games that meet their budget.

Given the fact that PokerStars is the one sponsoring this tournament, it was only natural for them to run a string of qualifiers. They have already gone live and until mid-December, those who play poker on their online network will have countless chances of booking a seat without paying a lot of money. Past performance suggests that a significant percentage of those who compete in major tournaments, including the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure made it this far as a result of winning these satellites.