Barny Boatman prevails at Event 49 at the WSOP

No limit Texas hold ’em tournaments attract more players than any other World Series of poker events and this time it was Barny Boatman’s time to win one of them. Event 49 $1,500 No Limit Hold’em saw 21 players returning for the final day and the field was quickly reduced to 20 when Kevin McPhee was eliminated. This proved to be the signal for other players to follow suit as Michael Quick, Roger Lussier and Noah Sandler were also sent to the rail just a couple of hands later.


Michael Quick lost a coin flip to Paul DaSilva, while Brian O’Donoghue was the executioner for the other two players, each time with a monster hand. He made the most of his stack to advance all the way to the final table, unlike Paul DaSilva whose victory was short-lived. All of the money he made by sending Michael Quick home were lost to Boatman who snap called his all-in on the flop with a set of nines.

Boosted by this victory, he continued to push around short stackers and got lucky again by making a runner-runner flush against Robin Ylitalo. The next to leave the tournament eliminated by Barney was Aditya Prasetyo who overplayed his pair of tens pre-flop and ran into Boatman’s pocket queens. Brian O’Donoghue saw his advantage going down the drain as Barny became the chip leader but he came from behind by sending Taras Kripps home in fourth place with a straight made on the river.

His run continued during three handed play when he took advantage of Van Tran’s desperation and called his all in with A-K. He made two pairs and was ready for the heads up against Boatman with the two players having virtually identical stacks. This explains why 174 hands were necessary for a winner to be crowned and Boatman was not even nervous when his pocket tens were improved to a set on the flop.

Michael Gathy wins second World Series of Poker bracelet

The number of people who won World Series of poker bracelets this year is on the rise, with Michael Gathy joining Davidi Kitai as a double bracelet winner. He won the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em event one year ago and he used a part of that money to buy in in the $5,000 Pot Limit Hold’em event. This proved to be a smart investment, as he emerged victorious from a field of 1629 players, despite the fact that he started with an average chip stack in Day 3.

WSOP Event 32 Day 02

35 players returned for the final day of tournament and among them were several poker professionals such as Tom Alner, Jennifer Tilly, Sam Greenwood and Simon Charette. All of them were eliminated before the final table was set, with the first to go bust among the remaining nine players being Russell Crane. He was unfortunate to be dealt pocket eights against Jake Cody’s pocket Jacks and went all in on an unassuming board, a mistake that proved to be fatal.

Michael Gathy flew under the radar for most of the day and picked up smaller pot while the remaining players were eliminated. Jake Cody was the most aggressive one and his style of poker served him well for a while, until he chose to go all in against Jason Duval and Gathty in the same hand. Michael won the pot and that gave him the chip lead he needed to be the dominant force when three handed play began.

Before that, Jason Duval, Daniel Bishop and former chip leader Zhu were all eliminated from the tournament. Michael Gathy was the main beneficiary of their untimely departure and when the heads-up began he held a massive lead over his opponent. Reason fought an uphill battle and unfortunately for him he never got the upper hand, eventually going all in with K-J of diamonds but completely missed the board. Michael Gathy added another WSOP bracelet to his collection, but there were other pros who achieved a similar performance last week and their stories can be read at