Aruba to host the next South America Poker Classic

Aruba is an excellent travel destination and people from all over the world fly to the exotic island to catch some sun during winter. Poker players above all else have plenty of things to do here and they have a brand-new reason to rejoice because the next edition of the South America Poker Classic will be held in the island. The Players Poker Championship made the decision of organizing the next tournament here, and players who don’t have any plans for early May should book their tickets right away.

Aruba to host the next South America Poker Classic

The poker community is quite familiar with the Caribbean because many important tournaments were held in these beautiful islands. Aruba is more than a travel destination for most of them and previous editions were held here with players from all over the world signing up for the event. Radisson Aruba poker room is the place where the players will gather for the tournament and the SAPC organizes numerous satellites for those who want to attend the event but can’t afford to buy in.

They are all held at the venue from Mondays to Fridays and the buy ins can be as low as $25 or as high as $110. Time is quickly running out because the first day of the South America Poker Classic is May 4 with the main event to begin on May 8. Those who don’t have the time or patience to go through the qualifiers, can simply buy in for the main event by paying the entrance fee of $1000. There are plenty of prizes as the payout structure is quite generous and even lower tier prizes will award sufficient money to cover the travel expenses and accommodation.

Despite the serene environment in which the tournament will take place, players shouldn’t let the heavenly atmosphere deceive them and stay on their toes. There are many poker professionals who attend the event on a yearly basis and these are waiting to feast on beginners at both the main event and the cash tables. Names such as Vincenzo Giannelli ring strangely familiar to many poker players, with this particular player winning hundreds of thousands over the Internet in tournaments.

He made quite an impression at the latest Latin American Poker Tour, not to mention that Vicenzo is a former judo champion. There is no better place to be in May than Aruba and if you are even remotely passionate about poker, you simply can’t miss the South America Poker Classic. The Players Poker Championship made all the proper arrangements to ensure the fact that this edition will outstrip the previous ones in every imaginable way. The next major tournaments organized by the PPC is the DeepStack poker where the buy in is even higher and stands at a massive $2500.

Proper time management in online poker

They say that time is the most valuable thing one can spend, but all too often poker players tend to forget this and assume that money comes first. For someone who intends to make Texas hold ’em its main source of income, it makes perfect sense to try to grow a bankroll as quickly as possible, so that returns on investment will be equally high. There is an indissoluble link between the amount of time spent playing poker and the money one makes, but this is not always a directly proportional ratio.


Planning the length of a poker session in advance is described as a great poker habit by the author at The article emphasizes the importance of having a game plan and refraining from taking decisions on the go. This is a foolproof way of avoiding downswings and an effective ward against tilt, but there is more to proper time management than this. A savvy poker player will factor in the time spent working on his game even when he is not at the table, because this has an indirect effect on his progress.

Live or recorded tutorials are great solution for honing poker skills without actually investing money, especially when the information comes from a poker professional. Understanding the reasoning behind every play and knowing which are the best solutions for tackling the sensitive issue goes a long way. On the other hand, poker players need to make sure that their hobby and lucrative activity doesn’t turn into addiction or takes up all their free time.

It is not the hours you put in your work that matter, but the work you put in the hours and an excellent example for supporting this statement is note taking. Poker players are frequently tempted to open additional tables if they are MTTs fans whenever they feel that the action is dragging. There is nothing wrong in playing at multiple tables at the same time if you have the ability to play your best game at all of them, but overdoing it is a sure way of decreasing your profit margin.

Players should collect data and make notes about all of the opponents they encounter, or use professional poker tracking software to do it on their behalf. Although this can seem a bit time consuming, it is exactly the kind of investment that will pay off on the long run without the player even knowing it.